How We Help

Isolation Relief

During the COVID 19 pandemic, using hospital staff with access to patients, we offered weekly groceries, take out food, and laundry services to patients who weren't allowed any outside visitors.  Since then, we've continued the program to bring relief to patients being treated out of state or with little to no caregiver support.


Survival Kits

Each patient/caregiver team selects items that have been chosen by other survivors and caregivers from our online store  to help make the inpatient stay and ongoing cancer journey easier.


Kari's Bears

In memory of  Kari Lee, tribe members receive bears from our sponsors at Build-a-Bear for themselves and their kids at home, creating a physical connection between them while separated during treatment. 


Memory Makers

Select patients facing no more treatment options are offered the chance to create a memory for themselves and loved ones prior to entering hospice care. 


Tribe Gatherings

Quarterly gatherings where members can socialize away from the hospital and get to know others who have faced similar challenges.


Holiday Giving

Volunteers donate gifts for select tribe members, ensuring they are able to celebrate the holidays with loved ones.


Filling the Gaps

Providing the inpatient BMT/ONC floors with nurse requested items that will be available to all of their patients including nail files, PICC shower covers, night lights and more!


Stronger Together

Joining forces with other non-profits to provide experiences and support for our tribe members. In 2021 we are proudly sponsoring an equine therapy event for cancer survivors with our friends at Believe Ranch & Rescue.