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The Small Choices Foundation was founded by Oncology Nurse Kate Poppert after years of witnessing the devastating effects of a cancer diagnosis on both the patient and their caregivers. One of the most difficult results of being hospitalized is the lack of control over everyday decisions, so our goal is to empower patients by giving them the ability to choose from different programs including supportive items for themselves and their caregivers, isolation relief for those separated from loved ones, special request memory makers, and the opportunity to connect with others on similar paths, making the cancer journey a bit brighter. 


With no paid employees and very little overhead expenses, our  board members and volunteer staff have all been directly affected by cancer and bring their own experiences and expertise to the foundation to ensure we are offering the best possible services to those on the front lines.

Head to the link for patient testimonials:

About Us

"All of us have such little control that being given the opportunity to make small choices is a bit miraculous!" Shelley, caregiver


The Small Choices Foundation is dedicated to improving the cancer journey for adult patients and their caregivers by empowering them with the ability to choose the kind of help they need during their hospital stay and providing the opportunity to join others facing similar paths.

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