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Genny's Hope Foundation


We are honored to include Genny's Hope as a subsidiary of the Small Choices Foundation.   Founder Ann Haehn and a team of volunteers will continue to implement bone marrow drives and help with patient gifts, including beautiful hand made flowers (see dropdown for Blooms by BohoBouquet) throughout the year.  Please head to for more information on getting involved in bone marrow drives. 

When Small Choices Foundation founder Kate Poppert first met the lovely Genny Stepaniak, Kate was working as a charge nurse in the blood cancer infusion center located at Presbyterian/St Luke's hospital in Denver soon after Genny learned that she had Myelofibrosis and would need a bone marrow transplant to save her life.  Genny and her mom,  Ann went on to create the Genny's Hope Foundation in an effort to increase the bone marrow registry by hosting local drives and providing education and outreach to the community. 



“Genny’s Hope Foundation is an idea – really a quest – to help the thousands of others searching for the bone marrow match they need so desperately. My thought was, what if I, working shoulder-to-shoulder with other good people, could do whatever it takes to increase the number of donor enrollments in the bone marrow registry? With more enrollments, we would increase the chances for all our loved ones to find that match and reclaim their lives.”-Ann Haehn, Founder.

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