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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Abby Fessler loved the holidays. As in no time is too early to play Christmas Music. And having just one tree was never enough.

So when she was diagnosed with leukemia and spent not one, but two Christmases in the hospital, she brought the holiday spirit to her rooms with miniature trees complete with lights and ornaments. And when she wasn't inpatient herself, she found so much joy in delivering gifts to those on the oncology floors and baking delicious cookies for the staff.

Now, 4 years after Abby earned her angel wings, her devoted family keeps her spirit alive every holiday by decorating and delivering the same mini trees she so enjoyed lighting up her room, complete with a small bell on each tree in honor of the line from the Christmas Classic "It's a Wonderful Life."

Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.

Heartfelt thanks to Karie, Heidi, Krista, and Grandma Jean for continuing to bring smiles to the Small Choices tribe on the front lines of their own cancer journeys in memory of their beautiful angel.

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