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Holiday Love

This holiday season our supporters went above and beyond, creating and delivering mini Christmas trees plus an amazing 155 thoughtful gift bags that included hand made cards, sleep masks, warm socks, gift cards, hand crafted candy sleighs, activity items, cozy blankets and much more.

"What a thoughtful and generous bag of goodies and such a welcome surprise!" -Roxy

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful gifts I received from your organization." -Yvonne

"Just wanted to thank you for your kindness. It really made my day. I appreciate all you do-thank you so much!" -Anna

Then, we also had 12 groups that included coworkers, friends and family members who took on the wish lists of 15 families in the midst of treatment or coping with prolonged and difficult side effects. These generous souls brought some much needed joy and ensured many facing financial restraints during the holidays were witness to the surprise and happiness of their kids and loved ones on Christmas morning.

"This was such a huge blessing for us!'-Kirwin

"This has been the best thing to happen all year. It's been rough to say the last. Thank you so much for everything."-JP

"We are so thankful for the thoughtful gifts, kindness and amazing generosity." -Cori

Heartfelt thanks to all who brought smiles through their time, donations, and love.

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