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From the Heart; SCF's First Donation

Jennifer Edgerley was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma nearly 6 years ago, and spent the past 1/2 decade in and out of treatment, knowing there was no cure for her disease but determined to live her best life.

SCF founder Kate first met Jenny as her nurse during Jen's stem cell collection to receive an auto transplant as one of the means of extending time with her loved ones, and their shared love of off color humor began a beautiful friendship filled with much laughter.

When Kate left the hospital for non profit work, Jen eagerly followed, spending many hours volunteering for the Love Hope Strength foundation to ensure those in need of a lifesaving bone marrow transplant had access to the match they so desperately needed.

Recently, Jenny pledged her devotion to the Small Choices Foundation, excited for another opportunity to give back to those on the front lines. Sadly, the launching of the new foundation coincided with Jenny learning that she was out of treatment options.

Driven to squeeze every drop of quality out of her time left, Jen vowed to enjoy every minute she could with her phenomenal life partner Linda, beloved dog, family and friends. Jenny also wanted to ensure SCF was off to a good start so she mailed a check before we even had an account open to receive it, and she and Linda developed items they would like to see each patient and caregiver receive as part of their survival kits. Jenny even spent the morning helping Kate create the first round of 'barley socks' to be used as hot packs just days before her early retirement from the planet (photo).

Thank you for continuing to make the world a better place, Jenny.

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