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A Note from SCF Board Chair Tyler Lee

Updated: May 3, 2019

Tyler's wife Kari and son Camden during Kari's last days

“Small Choices.” That term means a lot around here. When you’ve been planning a life, or even loving the life you didn’t plan, and it’s derailed through no fault of your own; you grasp at anything you can. This six-letter word is scarier than anything you can imagine: Cancer. Pretend you’re three years old and thrown into the deep end of a pool. There are a thousand emotions. But the only one you will remember is “terrified”. There’s survival, panic, disbelief. But the only thing you can focus on is “terrified”. You are terrified for your kids. You are terrified for spouse and your family. You are terrified for your friends. You are terrified for yourself.

The only thing you can do to get past those fears is to control your internal thought process. It’s to focus on something other than that dreaded six-letter word. Our mission, with the expertise and leadership of Kate Poppert, is to give those patients a piece of control. Small Choices can provide smiles. Small Choices can provide the comfort to walk those extra

miles. And Small Choices can remind our patients of the determination that has gotten them to this point.

And if we can provide these three things, then we will ensure both patient and caregiver know that they are not alone.

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