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In Loving Memory of Stephanie Fewsmith

Thank you for choosing to help  cancer patients and their caregivers in Steph's memory.

A mother, wife, daughter, sister, activist, fighter, lover, friend and so much more. Stephanie Anne
Fewsmith contained multitudes and brought a light to the world that will be forever missed. Born
in Northern Virginia on April 7, 1989, Stephanie was raised south of Boston, in Cohasset, MA.
Graduating with a degree from Boston University in 2011, her life’s journey took her to France,
China, Taiwan, back to Northern Virginia, and eventually to Denver, Colorado.

A truly gifted student and lifelong learner she mastered languages from early childhood,
becoming fluent in French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Her love of languages stemmed
from her love of people and cultures, especially amazing food and cooking. She traveled the
world spending time studying and living across the globe. It was on a study trip in 2011 to
Taiwan that Stephanie met and eventually married her beloved husband, Chris Prince. Together
they spent years living in Taiwan and exploring Asia from temples in Cambodia to speakeasies
in Japan. They would eventually return to Northern Virgina to be married in 2014 before moving
to Denver where she gave birth to their beautiful daughter Rose in 2020.
Her loving nature and drive to fight for equity manifested in a long career as an activist and
fundraiser. Steph fought for years across a number of organizations, including for NARAL
Virginia, the D.C. Abortion Fund, the Boulder Valley Health Center, and the Colorado Doula
Project, to support reproductive rights and justice of all people. As a proud bisexual and
member of the LGBTQIA+ community she saw reproductive rights as more than a women’s
issue but a universal human right worthy of protection and promotion. Mindful of her own
heritage as a granddaughter of post-World War II emigrants from Poland, Stephanie also
championed the needs and rights of all emigrants. She supported many groups of people
struggling for dignity - the LGBTQIA+ community, ethnic and racial minorities, and the
economically disadvantaged and exploited. She had an almost endless and unconditional
empathy that touched and improved more lives than any of us will ever know.In her final years of life, she pursued a career in herbalism
and horticulture in hopes of helping our environment through education and conservation.
To keep body and soul together in her life, Steph practiced kung fu in her youth, was a certified
yoga instructor, and accomplished runner, completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 2015 as
well as a number of other traditional races and trail runs. Her gay audacity contributed to her
numerous less extreme hobbies as she was a skilled artist, crafter, and cook.
Her life, which seemed to have endless horizons, was cut short by cancer at age 34 on August
23, 2023. 

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Making a Difference

We were honored to help Steph and Chris during her courageous cancer journey through our Kari's Bears program connecting her to sweet Rose at home while in the hospital, allowing her to chose items and giftcards to help ease the burden,  providing a space for healing through our equine therapy program and introducing the family to other survivors and caregivers through our tribe member meet ups.

As a 100% volunteer run charity with very little overhead costs, nearly every penny of your dollar goes where it is needed most; to the patients and caregivers we serve. Thank you for helping us bring some light into the cancer journey  in Steph's memory. 

Please email if you'd like a receipt for tax purposes or have any questions about the foundation.

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