Our Tribe of Patients & Caregivers


June 2019

Michelle and Zach

Michelle was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in September of 2017 and after several rounds of chemotherapy and months of remission, Michelle relapsed in February of 2019.

Michelle and Zach then braved a cord blood transplant together on the path to a final cure on June 7th.

Read more about Michelle, Zach and their 3 boys at Michelle's blog: mwear12.blogspot.com

September 2019

Ciarra and Marlin

Ciarra and Marlin began their fight against AML in September of this year. The couple resides in Durango with their infant son Summit, so having to remain in Denver for treatment and Ciarra's inability to spend time with her son has been challenging for them all.. 

They are currently preparing for her upcoming bone marrow transplant and looking forward to when they can all be together again. 

sharon and ed.jpg

October 2019

Sharon and Ed

When Sharon found out she had leukemia, her biggest concern was ensuring she had quality time with her husband Ed, stepkids, son and 2 granddaughters. Learning that a bone marrow transplant was the only possible cure,  Sharon and Ed opted to be placed on a clinical trial instead, choosing quality time over a treatment that would involve months in the hospital and a difficult road both physically and emotionally.  This lovely couple is grateful for every moment they have together and are honored to be a part of the SCF tribe. 

Michael and Katrice.jpg

December 2019

Mike and Katrice

Mike and Katrice welcomed a 4th baby boy into their world just a few weeks before he was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL).  This lovely couple is adjusting to raising 4 young sons during his extended inpatient stays and many treatment sessions in their fight against cancer. 

 January 2020

Isidro and Paige

Isidro and Paige have been dating since high school. Recently, Isidro was diagnosed with B Cell ALL following initial testing in their home state of Wyoming followed by a blood transfusion in Nebraska that led to an ambulance ride straight to Denver.  They have been inpatient since then, enduring several rounds of chemo leading to his upcoming bone marrow transplant.


July 2019

Ray and Barbie 

Truly two of the kindest people you'll meet, Ray is currently fighting an aggressive form of AML and recently obtained a bone marrow transplant from an unknown matched donor. 
When approached about being a part of Small Choices, both immediately teared up with emotion.

"Before your help it was a really rough road. I lost my job and Barbie is just so worried about me all the time. Having some gift cards to get groceries and all the little things you're doing for us both makes such a difference. We can't wait to give back when I'm healthy again!"

Small Choices (1).jpeg

September 2019

Crystal and Pete

Crystal and Pete were busy raising 8 kids between them when Crystal learned she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  Pete has moved into Crystal's hospital room in Denver as they rely on friends and family to help with their kids in Pueblo. 

Crystal and Pete have very few connections in Denver and are anxious to complete treatment and head home to Pueblo as soon as possible. 

Jose and Kaela.jpg

November 2019

Jose and Kaela

21-yr-old Jose was busy working as a cook and enjoying life with his wife Kaela and their two young kids when he learned he had Aculte Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Since then, Jose and Kaela have spent several weeks in the hospital while they learn how to juggle the demands of a cancer journey with a toddler and infant at home. We're looking forward to helping them out and have already ensured they won't have to worry about Christmas gifts this year thanks to the generosity of some of our amazing volunteers. 

December 2019

Lyndi and Danny

Lyndi and Danny were shocked to learn of her diagnosis of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in late October of this year.

Since then, this intrepid couple has been figuring out how to best keep their 6-yr-old son Luca feeling happy and secure during her inpatient chemotherapy cycles, variety of outpatient treatments, and difficult side effects.

February 2020

Sophie and Tatum

Initially diagnosed with AML in January 2019, Sophie went through induction + four rounds of consolidation, I was in remission and expected to stay there by June of 2019, so she moved away from her family with her partner Tatum to Colorado. Two weeks after the move at her first routine check up, they found the leukemia was back and had spread to her central nervous system. Sophie and Tatum just went through a stem cell transplant in January of 2020 and know they still have a long road ahead!

August 2019

Emily and Sue 

Emily was first diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (HL) last summer, and received 6 months of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she relapsed shortly after and more recently relapsed again following an auto transplant. Emily's mom Sue has been with her since the start, traveling from Iowa to be by her side during her extended treatments. 

Emily and Sue are facing an allo transplant in the coming months as a final cure. Emily admits that after having lived apart for 16 years, that, like many patient/caregiver teams, being together in a hospital room for days on end can be trying at times for them both.

October 2019

Dan and Jenn

Dan and Jenn have been happily married for 22 years with 2 young adult daughters. Dan, a paramedic/firefighter, recently relapsed with AML for the second time following a second bone marrow transplant. 

Although they have a lot of local support, their extended course of treatment since Dan's first diagnosis has been difficult and are anxious for a final cure. 


November 2019

Greg and Tricia

Like many, Greg and Tricia's cancer journey has been full of up's and down's. First diagnosed in 2015 with an indolent form of lymphoma, Greg learned it had mutated into a more aggressive type that would need immediate treatment including an auto bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, this lovely couple recently learned that his cancer had returned so he's currently back in the hospital for an allo transplant using his brother's cells on the path to a final cure. 

January 2020

Eric and Ingrid

Eric was daignosed in October with T Cell ALL and was struck by how steep of a learning curve it's been to deal with cancer after being super healthy his whole life. Eric and wife 'Idgie' have been balancing their joint graphic design company duties while he endures a BMT and various treatments on the road back to health.