In Loving Memory of George Florentine


Thank you for choosing to help  cancer patients and their caregivers in George's memory.

The Small Choices Foundation was created by an Oncology Nurse after years of witnessing many unmet needs of both patients and caregivers. Our mission is to allow people to choose the kind of help that would best serve them from weekly grocery delivery and laundry service for patients out of state with little to no caregiver support to survival kits hand selected by both patient and caregiver to monetary assitance, help during the holidays, and ways to connect parents to young kids separated during treatment. 

Thank You

As a 100% volunteer run charity with very little overhead costs, nearly every penny of your dollar goes where it is needed most; to the patients and caregivers we serve. Thank you for helping us bring some light into the cancer journey  in George's memory. 

Please email if you'd like a receipt for tax purposes or have any questions about the foundation.